I came from nothing, so I can never lose.. Everything’s a win !!


The fear that haunts Me…..

Once on a cold spooky night, I was standing besides the window, the glass of which was cold enough that on touch it felt like Ice.. All I could catch were the sounds of lightning bolt… Just then I saw a girl standing on the backside of glass window.. Suddenly I felt a creep pause in the air, she standing on the either side had dark eyes or it’d be more accurate to say she had dark holes in┬áplace of eyes.. She resembled me enough that she was like an evil twin of mine.. It felt like I’m facing the dark side of mine.. That was something I kept inside and never explained spoiled rhythms and broken string forming together a wretch song.. The darkness in which I’m constantly drowning yet no one notices.. The haunted me…

I noticed quite later that the night was too dark and the girl was nothing but my own reflection.. As soon as I realized┬áthis I gave myself a second of laughter “How fool of you” I exclaimed! I was there in the middle when I heard a glass break.. They’re all sleeping though’ I thought! The I laughed at myself and said out loud